Historic Building Conservation

At Hartigan we believe that our heritage should be protected, as conservation engineers we strongly believe the maintenance and continued use of historic structures is a very important contribution to safeguarding our heritage.  In support of this ethos we are constantly working on old houses, barns, churches and all forms of historic structures ensuring they are repaired to a high standard using appropriate methods and skills. Traditional buildings make a unique contribution to the ambience of the island, they provide character and insight into our history whilst often being eminently suitable and desirable for modern living. We wholeheartedly endorse and promote the conservation of Jersey’s built heritage in all its forms. This is exemplified in our employment of specially trained Historic Building Conservation Engineers who ensure good conservation ethics are followed. Our services extend to all aspects of conservation work at every scale, whether it be the humblest of cottages or the grandest houses.

Our historic building conservation studies and surveys extend from measurement and rectified photographic surveys, to material studies and chemical assessments, environmental monitoring, thermal assessments, security, access consultancy and fire protection.

Examples of Historic Building Conservation services:

  • Inspection and condition surveys
  • Appraisal and rectification of defective masonry
  • Repair specifications: lead, copper, metal work, stained glass
  • Evaluation and specifying repairs of timber
  • Assessment and remediation of damp ingress and associated deterioration
  • Specification and detailing of appropriate roofing systems
  • Cleaning and restoration of stone
  • Conservation area appraisal and planning