Structural Engineering

Our structural engineers work with great precision to provide the design and specification of a project taking into account the size, strength, stability and durability of all the load-bearing elements required in the construction and the overall stability and robustness necessary to public safety. Their work extends to both new structures and the modification of those already existing; not only focusing on details such as walls, floors, foundations and roof elements, but also on overall performance, safety and serviceability. For building projects to be carried out, detailed calculations and drawings must be prepared by appropriately qualified Engineers and Technicians and submitted to the Planning and Environment Department in compliance with the bye laws. Our team includes registered SER certifiers who are responsible for checking that the structural work of all designers, internal or third parties, meets the requirements of the Bye-Laws.

Structural and geological surveys conducted by our engineers will investigate the significance and cause of apparent defects such as cracks and bulges in buildings, subsidence and damp ingress in order to find a corrective solution. Also available to our clients are condition surveys for purchase, lease agreements or insurance purposes for private domestic dwellings or commercial property.

Examples of Structural Services:

  • Initial scheme development
  • Planning scheme assessment
  • Design
  • Drawings / Detailing
  • Feasibility studies
  • Contract administration
  • Cost assessments
  • Bye-law applications
  • SER certifications