Types and extent of surveys can vary depending on the type of the subject (building, site or installation) and the purpose for which the survey is prepared.  Each survey follows guidelines specific to the given field and the findings and recommendations are presented in a form of a report, with relevant photographs, drawings and technical data included.

Measured Surveys

These include plot size, building location, storey height and other dimensions of the structure, are usually prepared in conjunction with the purchase, lease (or end of lease) of a property or for the programming of repair or planned maintenance.

Structural Inspections

These comprise of a visual inspection of structural elements (floors, beams, columns, foundations and walls).  The report would include notes on presence or lack of routine maintenance and repairs to be building fabric (roof, gutters, masonry, render, downpipes, etc which could lead to deterioration).  This form of inspection does not involve exploratory opening up of finishes or fabric.

Schedule of Condition

This type of a report is very often prepared in the leasing of a property and comprises a very detailed description of the condition of a property, including structural elements, fabric, fixtures and finishes, on a certain date.

Structural Investigation

It involves a consideration of the suitability of materials used in the construction of the building and would be carried out in conjunction with the Structural Inspection.  It can include extraction of material samples for analysis to establish the condition of fabric and presence of hazardous materials, trial hole excavation, soil investigation, drainage surveys and testing.  A report following this type of investigation gives recommendations for items of work which require attention and provides outline of methods for undertaking such works.

Services Inspection

This is carried out by a Building Services engineer and would comprise a visual, non-intrusive inspection of mechanical and electrical services.  It does not include testing of services or opening up of finishes or fabric to view the services.  The report would indicate the scope and general condition of the services.

Forensic Assessment

This process is carried out by a specialist …………………….