At Hartigan we recognise that each project is different and requires an individual approach.  The object and emphasis on every project is to engineer a solution which achieves the clients brief while being cost effective.  Our clients benefit from our comprehensive services. We take the projects from initial concept through design, detailing, to completion. With our dedicated personal service and high level of engineering skills, along with access to specialist consultants ensure that our clients’ desires are achieved and regularly exceeded.

For 40 years our dedicated employees have been offering a unique skill-set combining an understanding of traditional building techniques and materials, with access to state-of-the-art technology. We engage high calibre, highly qualified personnel; invest in training and maintain up-to-date computer systems to aid design, modelling, drafting and communications.

We have a broad client base with clients from both the private and public sector.  We have participated in some of the largest and most prestigious projects on the island, public buildings, utility providers, infrastructure, social housing, schools, sports facilities, commercial developments, welfare, hospitality, and private residences. We also provide a personal and professional service to smaller domestic projects undertaking new build, extensions, remedial works, modifications and works to historic structures.  Whatever the project, whatever the size; we have the team who can deliver with professionalism and integrity to bring your vision to fruition.

We strive to provide a high level of quality and efficiency and have completed an extensive quality assurance programme in which we developed an ISO9001 system which was certified by the British Assessment Bureau (BAB) in early 2019.  This assessment shows that we meet all of the requirements of the ISO9001 system.  Due to the certification provided by BAB we are able to show the UKAS crown as a further example of the quality system.

We also take our business and client security seriously and have obtained certification for a Cyber Essential approved company.  This certification shows that our systems are extremely robust in relation to cyber security.  As part of the preparation for this and for the continual accreditation all Hartigan staff undergo regular cyber security training provided by a third party.


What we do


Structural and Civil Engineering

As engineers we are very mindful of the need to promote sustainable solutions while meeting the needs and aspirations of the projects. There is often a close interaction between the geotechnical, civil and structural engineering aspects of the project. Our in-house awareness of the needs and our skill set ensures we deliver the optimum solutions for our clients.

Structural Engineering a science where the understanding of materials and structural behaviour allows us to design the buildings to safely accommodate all the loads and forces being applied to them while maintaining the elegance of the architecture.

Civil Engineering is the design of the physical and natural built environment it includes many infrastructures works such as roads, drainage, waterways, reservoirs and structures such as retaining walls, bridges, coastal defences. Civil engineering also calls upon the disciplines of geotechnical and environmental engineering to achieve the optimum design solutions.

Hartigan’s engineers works with the client and design team from feasibility through all stages of the project to completion, regularly providing site supervision and project management.

We take the personal development of our staff seriously, from the graduates to the senior engineers we encourage their professional development. We ensure they are aware of the developments in the constructed form and have the knowledge and are skilled in the use of the current designing and detailing software.

We understand that projects of differing size and complexity call for differing approaches and we tailor our design and detailing approach to suit the project needs. Where projects call for a small design team or a personal approach, we have engineers and technicians very conversant in projects of this nature. For the large projects we regularly work on large project in multi-disciplinary teams and have the staff with the understanding and skill sets required to meet the demands procedures of these projects.

Hartigan is a registered body and has registered certifying engineers for SER scheme.

Structural and Civil Services:

  • Surveys and defect inspections
  • Planning scheme assessments and development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design of structural alterations and new structures
  • Design of domestic and public drainage systems
  • Design of roads, driveways and car parks, including pavement composition and profiling
  • Survey and remediation of existing and design of new retaining walls
  • Drawings / Detailing
  • Contract administration and cost assessments
  • SER certifications

Geotechnical Engineering

Hartigan’s highly experienced geotechnical engineers use the latest design software to provide the most efficient design for various geotechnical problems, including foundations for building structures, retaining structures, soil/rock stabilisation, dealing with landslips. We also undertake condition surveys for purchase, lease agreements or insurance purposes, for private domestic dwellings as well as commercial properties.

Living on an island, it is understandable that we are also involved in coastal and marine works such as erosion protection, stabilisation, revetment design and dredging. We are able to specify all relevant investigation, design appropriate solutions and undertake the related contract administration for those. Our geotechnical team works very closely with our other specialist teams to provide a coordinated service our projects.

Geotechnical Services:

  • Soil investigation and ground assessment
  • Feasibility studies
  • Reports on the condition of geotechnical structures
  • Design of remedial works
  • Design of structure foundations
  • Coastal and marine works
  • Contract management

Building Sciences

Hartigan strives to embrace new engineering solutions. With new technologies, new issues such as sea level change, potential carbon neutral legislation, etc we have combined building services and environmental engineering to give a more holistic approach with our new building sciences team.

Combining environmental engineering which includes contaminated land, flood Assessment, noise, vibration, environmental impact assessments, with those of a more traditional building services engineering, which includes items like mechanical, electrical, and public health services enables a combined solution that meets the requirements of engineering for the future.

The extensive list of services now provided enable projects to have a more detailed assessment on items from energy use to natural solar heating. In taking these all into account with the likes of the noise and vibration and building envelope assessment, we can deliver information and designs that provide a strong environmental level and effective finances not only during the construction but also during the life of the project.

Our experienced and motivated team have worked on various projects in Jersey, Guernsey and the UK for many years. Being based locally enables our engineers to understand the influences and constraints of not only the islands but wider.

  • Contaminated land assessments and contamination containment
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA)
  • BREEAM assessments
  • Energy assessments and audits
  • Sustainable energy assessments
  • Sustainable design and construction
  • Renewable Energy design and technology
  • Noise and vibration assessment
  • Contract procurement and administration
  • Water resource and supply modelling
  • Water quality assessment (supply, quality, legionnaires, etc)
  • Design of hot and cold water services systems
  • Central heating/cooling plants
  • Gas drenching systems
  • Electrical distribution services
  • Small power services
  • Emergency, internal and external lighting systems
  • Fire detection/alarm systems
  • Kitchen/smoke extract systems
  • Commissioning in compliance with current legislation and regulations
  • Air Heat Exchange, Biomass and Solar Energy
  • Wind Power development, design and technology
  • Energy Audits (Domestic, Commercial, Industrial)
  • Data
  • Thermal Fabric Assessment
  • SBEM and other related assessments
  • Public health system design (foul water, potable water, packaged plant, rain & grey water recycling, etc)

Historic Building Conservation

At Hartigan we believe that our heritage should be protected. As conservation engineers we strongly believe the maintenance and continued use of historic structures is a very important contribution to safeguarding our heritage. In support of this ethos we are constantly working on old houses, barns, churches and all forms of historic structures ensuring they are repaired to a high standard using appropriate methods and skills. Traditional buildings make a unique contribution to the character and atmosphere of the Island, they provide an insight into our history whilst often being eminently suitable and desirable for modern living. We endorse and promote the conservation of Jersey’s built heritage in all its forms.

We also understand the need to sympathetically restore our historic buildings and make them serviceable for modern use, to repair them, bring them into good use and ensure their survival. This is exemplified in our employment of specially trained Historic Building Conservation Engineers who can encourage and demonstrate how good conservation ethics can be followed. Our services extend to all aspects of conservation work at every scale, whether it be the humblest of cottages or national monuments.

Historic Building Conservation services:

  • Inspection and condition surveys
  • Assessment and remediation of damp ingress and associated deterioration
  • Appraisal of defects in masonry, timber, stone, lead, copper, metal work, stained glass
  • Repair specifications
  • Specification and detailing of appropriate roofing systems
  • Conservation area appraisal and planning

Residential Projects

Services relating to residential projects which Hartigan offer to both individual and corporate clients range from internal alterations to large new development schemes. Having various under one roof enables us to combine the knowledge, skill and experience to cover all aspects of clients’ requirements.

Whether it is a small extension or a large social housing projects, Hartigan have been a leading provider of residential designs for years. We have been involved in significant projects such as college gardens, houses for high net worth individuals’, and smaller projects for private individuals. These projects often involve combining our various specialisms including structural, civil, building sciences and historic. The case studies show our range of works which combine the specialisms detailed above.

Services for residential projects:

  • Inspections and condition surveys
  • Specifications for defect repairs
  • Assessment and design of refurbishment proposals including historic buildings
  • Feasibility studies for new builds
  • Design of residential schemes including groundworks and contamination assessments, structures, drainage, roads and driveways, energy assessments, mechanical and electrical installations
  • Surveys and remediation of existing and design of new retaining walls
  • Contract management
  • ISBEM & JSAP energy analysis

Commercial Projects

Hartigan provide engineering excellence, innovation and a commitment to clients, offering them the opportunity to integrate commercial imperatives with an environmental awareness and responsibility in design.

Many of the commercial buildings that you see on the Islands have had Hartigan’s input. From office blocks such as 38 Esplanade to nursing homes and industrial units, we have been involved on many sites. These projects often involve combining our various specialisms including structural, civil, building sciences and historic buildings conservation. The various case studies show our range of works which combine the specialisms detailed above.

  • Surveys and defect inspections
  • Design of structural alterations and new builds
  • Drainage
  • Retaining structures
  • Design of mechanical and electrical installations
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Historic buildings surveys and specialist design

Infrastructure Projects

Over the last 35 years Hartigan have been involved in many projects relating to Jersey’s infrastructure. With clients including the States of Jersey, Ports of Jersey, Social Housing, utility companies, as well as large scale private developments our services have been extensive. We have provided services for drainage, parking, retaining structures, sea defences, marine facilities, power generation and land stabilisation. We have an extensive knowledge to what is required for infrastructure projects. These projects often combine multiple specialisms including structural, civil, geotechnical, historic, and building sciences. The various case studies show our range of works, which combine all the specialisms detailed above.

  • Surveys and defect inspections
  • Design of structural alterations and new builds
  • Drainage design
  • Retaining structures
  • Design of mechanical and electrical installations
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Historic buildings surveys and specialist design